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Lindsay King-Miller on the new Dove ad and the expectation that women should have to feel beautiful.

Amy Davidson on the Walter Scott video and how “videos, like pictures, are effective only when the people looking at them are willing to really see what’s there.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Walter Scott and overreliance on the criminal justice system to try to solve problems.

As part of Mother Jones’ investigation into the cost of gun violence, they looked at what it’s like to be a survivor of gun violence.

Also, 16 charts that show the true cost of gun violence in the US.

A women’s healthcare bill failed to get through the Democratically-controlled Oregon state legislature because of its abortion provision.

A CEO lowered his salary to $70,000 and increased all employees’ salaries to $70,000.

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Richard Nixon’s sexist advice to Hillary Clinton in 1992.

A former Harvard professor is suing the school alleging that they denied her tenure because of her support for sexual assault survivors.

The podcast Criminal looks at a Texas case of an unarmed black man who survived being shot in the chest by a police officer.

These charts show that gun experts clearly disagree with the NRA and gun rights activists.

Republican who has apparently been living under a rock thinks it’s harder to get a vasectomy than an abortion.

Vulture on the wonderful women of “weird stand-up” comedy.

A majority of Americans agree on what the abortion experience should be like.

A new video game shows you what sexual harassment can feel like.

Would you say that to a man?


“I’m not going to apply for the job because I want you to get it.”

I was in my mid-20s and a promotion opened up in my division at work and I planned to apply for it. Given the hierarchy in our department, one male coworker and I were the natural ones to consider for the job. When the topic came up, that’s what he said to me: “I’m not going to apply for the job because I want you to get it.” I don’t remember what I said in the moment, but I remember quietly seething and thinking, “Don’t do me any favors. Go ahead and apply and I’ll still get it.” (more…)

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How to tell if your religious liberties are being violated.

NPR shares the sad story of a black man who whistles songs from Frozen to appear less threatening to people.

The Advocate celebrates the trans women of color featured in this year’s Trans 100.

National Review thinks calling a member of Congress “exotic” and “beautiful” is appropriate and relevant to talking about her foreign policy experience.

So, so, so wrong: Nashville prosecutors reportedly offered women plea bargains in exchange for sterilization.

In a new book, 16 writers take on the stigma of not having kids.

Bitch Magazine’s podcast Popaganda looks at progressive causes that use problematic tactics, including talking to major offender PETA.

Democrats: stop catering to white men

photo via theatlantic.com

photo via theatlantic.com

One of the only things worse than seeing right-wing Republicans sweep an election is seeing Democrats take that drubbing and interpret it as an indication that they need to act more like Republicans. Which is why I wanted to yell “hallelujah!” when I read these comments from Dannel Malloy, the governor of Connecticut and the person poised to take over the Democratic Governors Association:  (more…)

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Relationship advice from comedian Amy Schumer.

Alyssa Rosenberg offers 24 books for a year of reading only work by women.

The verdict in the Ellen Pao gender discrimination case shows how difficult it is for some people to recognize sexism that isn’t overt.

Why it matters that the International Criminal Court is now run by three women.

A horrifying story about a black woman who was locked in a psych ward for 8 days because cops didn’t believe she was a successful business woman.

There’s not a single all-male board among the UK’s largest companies.

Report finds 80% of anti-Muslim attacks on France are against women.

A comic by Erika Moen about the science of abortion.

A poem by a Starbucks barista that reveals the ridiculousness of their failed #RaceTogether campaign.

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12 famous women’s responses for why they don’t have kids.

Fandor offers a list of indie films that go beyond the Bechdel test with depictions of complex relationships between women.

A playlist of songs that pass a version of the Bechdel test for music.

15 female-fronted bands appearing at SXSW.

The Supreme Court will decide whether Texas must issue Confederate flag license plates.

UVA saw large protests after police brutally beat a black student.

Why Facebook is being sued for gender and racial discrimination.

A Google employee points out that their CEO is interrupting his female co-panelist at SXSW.

When men want kids and women aren’t so sure.

Oregon became the first state to automatically register voters.

Students are fighting back against a law that allows people to vote with gun licenses but not student IDs.

Watching a young black man arrested on the train and seeing the racism of the police laid bare

protestors flood the Capitol in Wisconsin after the death of Tony Robinson (via latimes.com)

protestors flood the Capitol in Wisconsin after the death of Tony Robinson (via latimes.com)

I could hear to person in the row in front of me breathing heavily. It sounded like more than the light panting of someone who ran to catch the train. Something was off about it, and it made me wonder if he had been running away from something or someone.

Before long, I saw a person out of the corner of my eye, heard a gruff “Stand up!”, and saw that it was a police officer. He wrestled the young black man to the ground trying to handcuff him and yelled at him throughout to stop moving and give him his arm. When he had him upright and in cuffs, the young man responded to everything with “Yes, sir” and “No, sir” and seemed like he was trying to explain what he saw as some kind of misunderstanding. The cop told him to never run from the police. I didn’t see what led up to this interaction, but he looked like a scared kid–he couldn’t have been more than 14 or 15–who got spooked and ran away from the cops. The officer shuffled him off the train at the next stop as someone yelled out at the kid to not say anything and just do what the officer told him to do.


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Enjoy these lego versions of the 4 women who have served on the Supreme Court.

Michael Hughes is using #wejustneedtopee to show the potential repercussions of discriminatory laws preventing transgender people from choosing which bathroom they use.

The Refuge Restrooms app helps transgender and gender non-conforming people find safe places to use the restroom.

Artist Makeda Lewis has a new afro-feminist coloring book.

Steve Buscemi is producing a documentary about Check It, the first known gay and transgender gang. The filmmakers are raising funds on Indiegogo to complete the project.

As she gets ready to leave The Daily Show, some of Samantha Bee’s best moments.

A crisis pregnancy center told a woman her IUD was her baby (disclosure: it’s part of this same project I’m involved in).

Remembering Claudette Colvin, the woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus before Rosa Parks.