Weekend reading


Mother Jones asked cops how they plan to enforce North Carolina’s bathroom law.

56 women journalists everyone should read.

Ex-staffer: Wisconsin GOP cheered voter ID bill for what it “could do for us.”

The US is one of the top executioners in the world.

Unanimous Supreme Court preserves principle of one person, one vote.

Man faces life in prison for stealing $31 worth of candy.

In deeply personal email to customers, gay CEO in NC laments anti-gay law.


Author: Rebecca Griffin

I am a passionate advocate for progressive causes with over a decade of experience organizing for social change. That organizing experience informs the way I look at the world and the challenges we face in working toward social justice. I started Of Means and Ends to write about social issues I care about and share my thoughts on how we organize in a smart, strategic way. Please visit and join the conversation.

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