All About Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage can be beneficial for constipation. It increases the peristalsis of the small intestines, stretches up the abdominal muscles walls and mechanically removes the contents of the large and small intestines. 

Massage of the abdomen is not recommended for general, femoral, inguinal, and umbilical hernias, inflammation of the bladder, uterus the ovaries and fallopian tube kidney stones, gall or ulcers in the stomach and intestines as well as during pregnancy.

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The abdominal massage shouldn't be performed following a substantial meal, but it should be done after at least two hours. the bladder should be flushed prior to the massage. The patient is instructed to lie down on his back, with his knees drawn up. This allows the abdominal wall to be relaxed. The masseur should be at the rightThe patient's side and then use his fingers to create friction around the umbilical area from left to right.

It is also possible to rub the walls with a knife and then move with both hands making firm and deep pressure. You should gently knead your fingertips and the hand and be sure to keep clear of any cuts or tender. It is recommended that he continue massaging the large intestines.

It is recommended that the manipulative process for the large intestine ought to start with the left side. Continue to move it upwards. You can even search online for more information about abdominal massage.