An Overview of Singapore’s Work Visa

For many foreign nationals, Singapore is the ideal destination for them to live and work. There are many visas available for Singapore citizens who need to have IT skills or agricultural labor. You will need the correct work visa to enter Singapore. These visas range from temporary to permanent.

There is always a demand for labor and staff in different areas, from the agricultural sector to white-collar executives and IT professionals at large corporations. You need to be aware that visas are required for different types of jobs. If you’re an IT professional, your work visa will not be the same as that of an investor or seasonal worker.

Green card

With a green card, you do not need to have the mandated employment authorization card which is usually needed for foreign nationals to work in Singapore. When you have a green card, you are a lawful permanent resident and can later apply for citizenship. On a green card, you have nearly all the rights and benefits as that of any Singapore citizen.

Temporary work visa

This visa is granted to non-agricultural workers who are working in the domestic sector, such as at amusement parks or beach resorts. Before foreign workers can enter Singapore, the employer must prove that there is a shortage of labor. The potential employers are issued a labor certificate and temporary workers can only enter Singapore on this basis.