Do You Know Which Pool Cover Is Right For You?

There are many types of swimming pool covers. There are mesh and solid covers. Manual covers, as well as automatic covers, are available. Some covers are secured by heavyweights around their perimeter while others use spring-loaded straps that attach to anchors on the deck.

Some covers are fixed to the pool's surface by two parallel tracks, while others simply glide on the surface. There are many options available to choose the right pool cover for you. You can even shop great deals on the best pool covers and rollers from various online sources.

Thermal blankets- These covers simply float on top of the pool and are intended to be used as heating aids. For easier removal, they can be fitted with a hand crank roller system at one side of the pool. 

These covers are great for heating the pool water, but they do not do much else. Because of the danger of entrapment, they can even be dangerous for small children.

Simple covers- This is any non-permeable pool cover. These covers are usually only used in the off-season. They are secured by vinyl tubes filled up with water or other weighted devices. 

They are effective at keeping debris out of the pool in the off-season but can be dangerous if standing water isn't removed. These covers can be pulled into the pool by their weight if it is heavy or snowy.

Mesh covers- are winter-ready. The pool is typically drained below the return lines, which are then blown out and plugged. The mesh cover is then placed over the pool, and secured to the deck with spring-loaded straps. 

All rain and snowmelt that falls during the off-season drain into the pool. You can cover the pool with this type of cover. These covers are great for safety, but they can be difficult to remove during the swimming season.