Ear Pinching and Split Earlobe Repair in Cheshire

Are you tired of your drab ears? Are you tired of wearing heavy earrings that now cause a swollen appearance in your ears? These conditions can all be corrected easily with simple cosmetic procedures. Patients with prominent ears can have their ears pinned or otoplasty to bring them closer to their heads. Split earlobe surgery can also be done in the office for patients who have split earlobes due to long-term use of earrings or trauma.

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In Cheshire, people born with prominent ears may have malformations of the cartilage that supports the ear. You can correct this by making an incision behind your ear, lifting the cartilage from the skin, then using a suture to restore the ear's natural appearance. Sometimes, the cartilage may need to be removed. This can be done using the same incision. These sutures will last forever and may break at any time during the patient's life. The procedure can be repeated if the ear becomes prominent again.

Earlobe Repair

Earlobes that are damaged can result from trauma or prolonged wearing of large earrings. One of many procedures that can be used to repair a torn earlobe. The surgeon's preference will determine the type of procedure and whether the patient wants to wear earrings again.

It is easiest to close the tear. If the patient doesn't want to wear earrings again, this will work. This is not an option if the patient wants to wear earrings again. The repaired area will only be able to reach a maximum strength of 80%, which creates a weaker area for a new tear.

In Cheshire, no matter what technique is used, local anesthesia can be used. The patient can resume their normal activities quickly and there is almost no downtime.