Home – Office Video Studio Lighting Stands

Video studios for home offices usually lack floor space. They're usually located in a spare room that measures 10-foot wide and between 12 and 15 feet deep. It's about one-third of the dimensions of a professional video studio. 

A tripod's legs standard light stand is approximately three feet in width. Set up three or four lights along with a camera tripod inside your small studio and it's difficult to move around. 

To maximize your space, you must find innovative ways to help your lights, without having to resort to heavy stands for lighting in studios. You can also pop over here https://spectrum-brand.com/collections/softbox-lighting to order a softbox lighting kit.

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Large soft lighting is generally the most effective choice to use for lighting in studios. They provide flattering light and soften the appearance of shadows. 

Many video editors working from home opt for low-cost CFL-based lightbox lights, but they are heavy and need these floor-sucking lighting stands to support them up. 

There is a gorgeous warm light by using other resources such as rice paper lanterns hanging on ceiling hooks, or floor lamps that have rice shades made of paper. Utilize bright CFL bulbs in the lanterns and lamps to illuminate your space without having to use lighting stands.

Mounting plates and scissor clamps aren't expensive and can be used to securely install lights inside your office space without having to use lighting stands for studios.