Importance Of Knowing Different Types Of Fire Extinguishers

When fire extinguishers enter the popularity contest, one of the main competitors is the fire extinguisher. Because this type of fire extinguisher can be found in almost every household and almost every commercial area in the country.

Since there are different types of fires, there are also different types of fire extinguishers. Knowing the differences between these species is essential for successful and efficient fire fighting. More importantly, using the wrong type can jeopardize your safety. You can join the training for fire safety at The eXchange Academy Store.

The types of fire extinguishers are as follows:

Water fire extinguisher:- This type of fire extinguisher is water based and designed to extinguish Class A fires. Class A fires are fires caused by burning organic solids such as wood, paper, clothing, and upholstered furniture. Never use this type for any other type of fire. On the one hand this can only increase or worsen the fire, if you use this on an electric fire, you run the risk of electric shock.

Foam fire extinguisher:- It is intended for Class B fires or fires caused by overheating of a flammable liquid such as gasoline, oil or pain. It would be ideal to purchase this type if your business uses these fluids or if you have a part of your home where you store these materials.

Dry powder fire extinguisher:- This type is ideal for class C fires or those caused by overheating of a flammable gas such as methane, propane or butane.

Powder fire extinguisher:- Also known as ABC fire extinguishers, they are safe for use on Class A, B and C fires, making them a versatile choice in the field of fire extinguishers.