Social Media Marketing Tools

Managing social media marketing campaigns across multiple platforms can be a huge task. Posting status updates and building your audience all take valuable time.

You can also look for the  Best Social Media Marketing Software online. Here are some amazing tools that you can use to automate most of your social media marketing.

4 Killer Social Media Marketing Tools Experts Use - Lander Blog

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This is an excellent WordPress blog plugin. This allows you to link your blog content to multiple sources.

All you have to do is enter your content on your blog and post it, the plugin will create a snippet of your content with a short URL that goes back to your blog post. Then instantly distribute the content to all your accounts. is an aggregation site with 40 networks including Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. All you have to do is create a account and fill in your account information for each social media account you want to update.

There is a simple message box in the control panel where you can type a message and press the Ping It button. This will instantly send content to all the accounts you entered.

Build an audience

There are several software programs to build your audience. These programs can automate the process for you on Twitter that is pretty good.

Building your audience is the most important part of social media marketing.  While these tools will definitely make your new media marketing life easier if used properly, they still come with a learning curve and the time it takes to use them.