Encapsulation Services And More For Nutritional Supplement Industry

Contract manufacturers are a key part of the nutritional supplement industry. There are two types of contract manufacturers: custom manufacturing and packaging services. The first, custom manufacturing, can be further divided into service options such as encapsulation and tableting, powder-blending, and custom formulations. 

The packaging services include complete packaging of tablets or capsules, application labels, security seal under caps, blister packs, label design, printing, and application of labels. If you want to know more about encapsulation services then you can browse this site https://purensm.com/.

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It is crucial for small businesses to compare and choose the best provider for contract manufacturing needs such as:


This service is primarily based on the use of precision encapsulation machinery for handling capsules of different sizes, such as "00", "1", and "2". The experts can use either semi-automatic or high-speed, automatic encapsulation machines depending on the type of manufacturing project and complexity of the raw materials.


The first and most important step in the manufacturing process is product formulation. Providers must not only consider the manufacturing process of individuals but also follow the regulations and standards of manufacturing to ensure high-quality products.

In-process testing

This is done to ensure that supplements are safe and effective. The experts also test the products in-process to ensure that they are manufactured and packaged according to the specifications.

Encapsulation is used to verify the correct dosage and concentration of fillers. In-process testing is used to verify the tablet's weight, thickness, hardness, and appearance.