Few Things You Need To Know About Watch Winders

A watch winder is a device that can store up to two self-winding mechanical watches. Watch winders are very useful for people who don't wear automatic watches every day. 

These watches have the advantage of being able to work for long periods. You can easily kjøpe klokkevindu (in English “buy watch winder”) online via straps.no/produktkategori/products/oppbevaring/watch-winder.

kjpe klokkevindu

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Quartz is the main component of watches. The battery can die, but the watch will continue to work until it does. The battery life for self-winding watches is over a decade. The watch continues to work for years without interruption.

Let's take a look at the following:


Abraham-Louis Perrelet, a Swiss watchmaker, discovered a self-winding mechanism for various watches, especially pocket watches. It was based on the same principles as modern pedometers and could be wound as the owner walks.

The oscillating weight in the large watch, which moved up and down, worked to this end. In 1776, the Geneva Society of Arts reported that a walk of 15 minutes was enough to wind the watch for eight days. The following year it was reported that the watch was selling well.


Perrelet sold some watches to Abraham-Louis Breguet, a modern watchmaker, around 1780. He improved upon the design and called his watches "perpetually", the French word that means perpetual. They failed to work consistently, and Breguet stopped making them in 1800.