What To Expect From Your Microblading Procedure

  • Slight redness and/or discomfort may be present for the first two days. This will resolve itself.

  • Wash eyebrows with a gentle cleanser twice per day, tap dry, and apply a thin layer of Healing Pomade. Make sure the water is safe, if not use distilled water.

  • DO NOT apply any other kind of creams, ointments, liquids, cleansers, oils after the

    beauty therapies – only the recommended ones. 

  • The day after your procedure, the color will appear darker as it begins healing.

  • If you strictly follow your aftercare, you should have very minimal flaking, beginning around the 5th DO NOT pick, scratch, or peel off any skin, as this will pull the pigment out.

  • As your eyebrows heal, you will see the strokes widen, and the color will soften.

  • Once flaking is complete, there will still be a nearly invisible layer of skin that will make your color appear faded. Within the first two weeks after flaking, you will notice some of the color coming back through as the skin continues to repair itself.

  • Depending on skin type and proper aftercare, it is not unusual to see a few strokes fade or disappear from the skin.

  • After your 45 days healing period, you can come back at any time to get your touch-up. The touch-up up is to go over the strokes again or replace any that may have disappeared. This is why the treatment is a two-step process. We will perfect and ensure the longevity of your procedure with your touch-up.