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One of the main reasons that Network Marketers struggle with building their business is that they don't achieve any level of success when they are first starting out so they drop out.

Even some of the folks that do have some success still struggle with building their business because they cannot duplicate that same success with their downline. This article will open your eyes to exactly why this happens time and time again.

Most people are not aware of the fact that there are three levels of Network Marketing and most people on the internet are trying to master the third level without building the foundation that the first 2 levels achieved. You can also for small business coach.

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Because most people online have this strange notion that old-school marketing doesn't work they try to skip over this level and wonder why they are struggling. Let me start that I did not come up with this idea myself. A good friend of mine Tom Challen taught me this and it literally changed how I conducted my own business overnight.

If you do not know Tom, he is one of the top producers in his network marketing company and is responsible for recruiting over 500 people into his organization in less than a year. If you ask me, that is someone that might know something worth understanding.

Back to the first level. The first level in Network Marketing is a new distributor. When you recruit a new distributor it is important that they either create their own success story or discover that this business is not for them as fast as possible.

The best way for a new distributor to create quick success still is the old school warm market and cold market leads. I know many people will disagree, but ask those people were their first enrollments came from and how many they enrolled in their first week in the industry. If they enrolled anyone, chances are it came from their warm market.