Get Best Sleep Apnea Treatment In Austin

Obstructive sleep disorder, also known as central sleep apnea, is the most common type. It occurs when a patient has their airway temporarily blocked. Central sleep apnea is when the patient's brain doesn't give the signal for him or her to breathe. 

It can lead to serious health problems. People suffering from obstructive sleep apnea should be diagnosed and treated immediately. 


What Sleep Apnea Treatments are Available?

Lifestyle changes– If mild sleep apnea is present, it may be possible to correct it by changing your eating and smoking habits.

CPAP- CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a good option for patients suffering from moderate to severe sleep apnea. Patients with CPAP wear a mask that covers their noses while they sleep. A machine connected to the mask via tubing provides air pressure. 

Adjustable airway pressure devices: As patients sleep, these devices automatically adjust the pressure of the incoming air. This device is an alternative to CPAP treatment.

EPAP-Expiratory positive airway pressure is one of the most innovative new treatments. It allows air to flow through each nostril via small disposable devices. These devices have been approved by the FDA for use in sleep apnea treatment.

Oral apparatus-An oral apparatus might be beneficial for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. The custom-fitted device fits in the mouth. This device moves the patient's jaw forward which opens the patient's throat. These devices are created by dentists who specialize in this type of treatment.