The Day-To-Day Work Of A Sommelier

A sommelier who is hired by restaurants is, in essence, an administrative role. It is, obviously crucial that a sommelier has the best knowledge of wine and oenology as well as the ability handle their wine cellar and even conduct a tasting, however, they are first and foremost, there to satisfy their customers' requirements.

Sommeliers recommend suitable wines based on the menu items that the client is eating and serving the wine(s) in the correct temperature to taste, in the proper glasses, and abides by the guidelines of service. If you want to make your career in the wine industry you can do course like sommelier course online.

sommelier course

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The training of a sommelier is built around pairing food with spirits, as well as the affinities of the clients. A sommelier trained by experts can introduce their clients with new combinations. The idea of the restaurant cellar

Sommeliers also play a part in the purchase of wines, and keeps a great relationship with professional winegrowers as well as professionals in the field of oenology and wine. The sommelier often visits the vineyards to select the top cru to be used in the wine cellar at the establishment where they perform. To select their wine and fulfill their role as a cellar manager, a variety of factors are considered.