All About Wine And Spirits Education Trust (WSET)

WSET offers world-class education and qualifications that inspire and empower wine and spirit professionals around the globe. You can find the best online wine courses via

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WSET qualifications are internationally recognized as the standard for wine and spirit knowledge. These qualifications are for professionals and enthusiasts with a passion for wine and spirits.

WSET Training: The Benefits

  • These courses were created by industry experts and are tailored to the needs of the industry.

  • Recognized and trusted around the world

  • Job-relevant

Wine Sommelier Levels

  • Beginning Level: Impress your friends and plan a trip with your wine knowledge.

  • Level: Be confident in working at a restaurant, wine bar or wine shop. You can also teach your friends and colleagues and organize tastings.

  • Industry-Experienced Pro: If you've been working in wine for a while, then you already know the basics. As a sommelier, you can earn a good salary. You can manage a wine shop, open a restaurant and teach students about wine.

  • Mastery: This level requires up to 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Pros learn from you and help to push the industry forward.

Who is the CMS?

Though not restrictive, an education with the CMS is primarily targeted at individuals who want to work in the hospitality industry–restaurants, hotels, bars, luxury yacht charters, private clubs, cruise ships. What structure are the sommelier exams/levels?

  • Introduction Sommelier

  • Certified Sommelier

  • Advanced Sommelier

  • Master Sommelier Diploma