The Hope Of An Undivided India

India is the 7th largest country in terms of area, but this is not the India that it used to be in the past. The size of India was much larger, as there were many more parts integrated into it, which are now separate nations. The borders of India were spread from today’s Afghanistan to Thailand, so all the countries in between, be it Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos were a part of it.

Many people also believe that present-day Indonesia was a part of India too as much evidence can be found in the country related to Hindu culture. On the currency bills of the country, you will find the picture of Lord Ganesha and the name of the airline that operates in Indonesia is called ‘Garuda’, which means Eagle, and it is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. There are several other examples that indicate the connection between Indonesia and India.

Many people still hope that one day India will become one, and efforts are being made to make India united once again. When Indians talk about undivided India, they don’t mean forceful conversions or killing of non-Hindus, but the concept of undivided India means having a country where everybody is equal and the rule of law is in place.