The Truth About dissolve Fat Removal Technique

Many fitness fans want to try Lipodissolve because they don't involve surgical procedures. They also consider it less invasive in dissolving cellulite and storing fat when compared to liposuction.

This procedure consists of a series of injections using soybean derivatives called phosphatidylcholine (PC) and emulsifiers called deoxycholate (DC). These substances are injected directly into the fat tissue that the patient wants to eliminate. You can buy the fat dissolving injections to remove fat from your body via

Lipodissolve, also known as PCDC, is one of the faster and more comfortable fat smelting techniques that can be managed in minutes. Comfort and the ability to provide fast and permanent results have made this technique a popular smelting solution among fitness and beauty fans.

  • How does Lipodissolve work?

The first step of this procedure involves the application of a dead cream in the problem area. When the cream takes effect, a cosmetic surgeon provides a series of microinjections of fat combustion chemicals that induce the body to break down and remove targeted fats.

  • Are there obstacles to PCDC use?

PCDC is often promoted on the market as a natural compound because its main component, phosphatidylcholine, is a natural substance found in human cells and other living organisms. Deoxycholate is also a natural gall salt produced by the liver. This chemical serves to make a soluble PC.

Apart from these facts, the FDA has not yet approved PCDC compounds as a fat white and classify it as a drug just because it affects the normal structure and function of the body. However, the FDA has not forbidden the use of these compounds but issued a warning about its use as "the situation of buyers-beware."

Lipodissolve and the use of phosphatidylcholine have been practiced since 1988 but have just been introduced lately in the United States. The American Society of Non-Surgical aesthetics estimates the number of Lipodissolve treatments carried out in the United States and Europe to be between 50,000 and 100,000.