What Are The Basic Conditions To Meet For Getting Spouse Visa For Australia?

It is essential to seek legal advice when you apply for a spouse visa for Australia.Regarding the spouse visa application , experts are needed to hire to provide a quick overview of the application process and the conditions .

To be able to travel to Australia, you'll need to obtain entry clearance. Your application should be made in the country where you're currently residing.

There are two phases of the application process of spouse or partner visa. One is an online application and then you have to provide a printed copy in the presence of a Visa application center.

spouse visa

The most basic requirements you must meet to get visa as a spouse include:

  •  You and your companion are at least 18 years old at the time of your application.

  • Your partner isn't connected to you in a way that would mean you can not legally marry under Australian law.

  • You and your partner have been in contact.

  • Your relation with the person you are with is real and continues to exist.

  • Your wedding or civil partnership are valid under Australian law.

  • You meet the eligibility specifications.

  • Any previous relationship has been permanently broken.

  • You and your spouse are planning to live together for the rest of your lives and permanently in Australia.

  • You are able to meet the financial requirements; and you satisfy the English requirement for language

So ,you have to meet these requirements to get an Australian visa.