What is grow room automation?

Let's first discuss automating your grow space.

This doesn't mean that you can plant your seeds and then come back to the nursery 4 months later with freshly picked flowers. There will always be work involved. Grow room automation is about technology that reduces your workload and human error. It just makes things easier. You can also check my blog to learn more about grow room automation.

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Automation in the grow room involves turning on and off the appropriate equipment at the right time, without you even being present. This includes growing lights, fans, ventilation systems, and watering equipment. 

Let's get to the basics: turning your grow lights on and off automatically without you having to do anything.

Automation of your grow lights

This guide will show you how to automate your grow room's environment, but not your grow light fixtures.

Grow lights are vital and can be automated to automate their use. A lighting controller will be required in combination with a light-moving device, as well as meters to measure the effectiveness of your lights.

We have a separate guide for automating grow lights. This is an important topic so please take a look!

Grow Room Humidity controls

Humidity and temperature work together to provide the right conditions for plants. Like temperature, every crop and each stage of growth will have the ideal humidity.

The humidity level should be at least 70%-75% during propagation. When plants start to veg and develop root systems, you can reduce humidity to 40-50%. This will be maintained during flowering.

Low humidity can cause plants to absorb too many nutrients. This is because they cannot get enough moisture through their leaves, which can lead to nutrient burns. Excessive humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, as well as invite pests into your growing space.