Weekend reading

photo via Sociological Images
photo via Sociological Images

Apparently, the way to sell shoes in the 70s was to say they would piss off feminists.

The team behind the movie Dear White People offers PSAs that take down stereotypes about black people. I can’t wait to see this movie.

St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy thinks learning how to spin an officer-involved shooting in the media is “highly entertaining.”

A disturbing report from Amnesty International on abortion in El Salvador shows where criminalizing abortion and policing pregnant women’s bodies can lead.

Apparently when shooting victim and former congresswoman Gabby Giffords tries to hold politicians accountable on gun control, she’s being “mean.”

A Republican congressional candidate wants to track immigrants like FedEx tracks packages.

In Texas, bastion of women’s rights, “creep shots” up women’s skirts are now legal.

The Onion skewers men who think they are dazzling women into silence with their intelligence.


Author: Rebecca Griffin

I am a passionate advocate for progressive causes with over a decade of experience organizing for social change. That organizing experience informs the way I look at the world and the challenges we face in working toward social justice. I started Of Means and Ends to write about social issues I care about and share my thoughts on how we organize in a smart, strategic way. Please visit and join the conversation.

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