Cremation – A Simple and Affordable Option

More and more people, nearly a third, want cremation rather than burying the whole body in the ground. The reasons can be financial, practical, personal, philosophical, spiritual, or a combination of these. If you or a loved one is considering cremation, here is some information that can help you make a decision or make arrangements.

What exactly are cremation funeral services? 

Cremation occurs when the deceased's body is placed in a cremation chamber, or retort, where it is exposed to temperatures ranging from 1500 degrees to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The basic cremation process can take between one and three hours. 

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All that was left behind are ashes and bone fragments. It is passed with a strong magnet to remove all inorganic materials. What is left is processed to be sprayed to the same particle size. The cremated body will be placed in a closed emergency container and returned to the family.

 What to do with the ashes? 

Cremated bodies may be buried in family plots … scattered over land or at sea … in recesses in the burial columbarium … buried in community cemeteries or private graves … or simply kept at home . If you want to spread ashes, make sure it is halal and allowed in the desired place. 

You may be able to bury the ashes on family property occupied by other relatives – check the graves to see if that might be an option. If you want to store the ashes in a permanent place, you must choose a suitable container.