What to Know About Natural Birth

Some women may choose to experience labor as a natural event without using any medication at all. Instead, they use techniques such as controlled breathing for pain or relaxation. The mother feels in control as she is gently guided through the process by the midwife or assistant.

For many women, choosing to give birth naturally doesn't mean being "bold" — it means having the experience in its purest form without medical devices or synthetic drugs. Women often find natural childbirth very rewarding and empowering. Normal delivery via jacarandamaternity.co.ke/labor-and-delivery is a completely natural delivery of a baby by the mother without any medical intervention. 

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Where does natural birth occur?

Many women choose to give birth naturally in a delivery center or other outpatient facility. In this environment, newborns are encouraged to move around, relax in comfortable positions, and spend time in the tub or whirlpool. 

They also experience pleasurable interventions such as massage, hydrotherapy, and hot and cold compresses, and are often guided by relaxation and visualization techniques to manage their pain.

Some hospitals also offer more natural delivery options. They often have maternity centers where natural delivery is possible but medical intervention is possible if needed. Most health professionals take their cues from women in labor, allowing labor to proceed more slowly while nature takes over.

In natural childbirth, something called family welfare is common. The father was allowed to attend the birth along with other friends and family. After birth, babies can stay longer with their mothers.