What is a Managed Server?

Servers are very important for website maintenance. This is an important part of making a website live and visible to the public.

Since the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, servers have evolved and now come in many different types to meet the diverse and evolving needs of website owners and publishers. You've probably heard of shared types, as well as dedicated and managed specials.

A dedicated server is only used by one website as opposed to a shared type. It is preferred by many companies and website publishers because of its accessibility, reliability, security, flexibility, and stable operation. Since it is not shared with other websites, the chances of errors and other problems are less, which means that internet users directly from the website will always have access at all times with the desktop and server support.

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If the company chooses this option, it has complete control over the hardware, software, and the entire system. Therefore, he can choose to have it managed by a long-term hosting provider. These are known as managed dedicated servers.

System management is usually offered as an additional service by hosting companies. Organizations that choose this option may be able to choose their own operating system, software, and hardware. Although it can be owned by the provider, support is provided on an ongoing basis as agreed between the company and the hosting company.

Managed dedicated servers are managed by full-time system administrators. You are responsible for updating the operating system and software, providing firewall services, backup services, technical and advanced telephone support, spam and virus protection, security scanning and checking, database management, and advanced configuration. These services are often bundled together with the server.

The main advantage of managed custom systems is that companies can focus on the more important aspects of their business. The presence of a full-time system administrator ensures long-term server maintenance. This means that the company can then focus on its performance rather than other issues and concerns.