All About Massage Therapy Accreditation

To practice as a massage therapist, most states require certification or licensure. Certification typically involves obtaining a certificate, diploma, or degree from an accredited program or institution, passing an examination conducted by one of several professional organizations, completing the required hours under supervision, and becoming a member of a professional massage therapy organization.

The National Certification Council for Massage and Body Therapy (NCBTMB) is the national professional organization that certifies practitioners. Most states have suggestions that offer certifications or licenses that allow a person to practice in the country. You can get the HLT42015 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy online.

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In many countries, applicants must pass the NCBTMB exam. The American Massage Association provides a list of its conditions and requirements.

Approval and certification demonstrate that the practitioner meets competence in training and is eligible for professional practice. Most countries and professional associations require frequent certification updates to ensure that practitioners are kept up to date.

The following national organizations accredit CMT schools, institutions, and training programs; some also conduct the examinations required for the certification and/or accreditation of individual practitioners.

Additional work in specific competencies, for example, Ayurvedic, deep tissue, or Swedish massage–may also be included. Completion of a program from an accredited institution will prepare the student for professional licensure, certification, and membership in a professional organization.