Where To Try Authentic Punjabi Food In Sector 17 Chandigarh

Punjab has a rich food culture, and no matter which city you visit, you will find delicious food in every nook and cranny of the state. What makes Punjabi food so special is the kind of ingredients used in it. You will find a great concoction of spices along with the use of a generous amount of Ghee (clarified butter). Punjab is a prosperous state; therefore, you will find a huge influence of Ghee and butter in the food. If you are a Punjabi or traveling to Punjab, then you should definitely try authentic Punjabi food, which you can easily find in all corners of the state. However, if you are health conscious, but don’t want to compromise on the taste, then there is a great eatery for you in Chandigarh, which is the capital of Punjab.

You must visit the best Indian restaurant in Chandigarh named Back To Source. This restaurant is based at Sector 17, which is also called the heart of the city, and has been serving authentic Punjabi food along with several other cuisines. The best thing about this restaurant is that they are serving organic meals, which means all the ingredients are sourced from reliable sources. All the ingredients used in creating meals are organically sourced and completely safe to consume. So, you must definitely pay a visit to this restaurant to try a different variety of meals.