How Can Games Enhance Learning?

Video games are now a part of our daily lives. It is rare to find a person who hasn't played or been addicted to video games as a child or adult. It is common for parents to discourage their children from playing games, fearing that they will become addicted and affect their stability and growth. 

It is discouraged for both teenagers and adults to play games because it is considered a waste of time, and not a valuable activity. Research now shows that video games can actually enhance learning abilities, contrary to popular belief. We have compiled details about how games can help us learn in this article. You can check out the game art studio at

One tends to assume the role of the character when playing a video-game. It could be anything depending on the game. You can play as a chef, a detective or an investment banker. The roles an individual assumes allow players to think, speak, and act. They are given a glimpse into other roles and life styles. Lineage allows players to play the role of international financier. 

They can trade raw materials, buy and sell different goods and speculate about currencies. This role requires the player to think critically and should be handled with care. This helps the player to understand the situation and take the appropriate actions. This rich experience provides a strong context for learning. This is an excellent learning opportunity for individuals who play video games.