How To Treat and Kill Bed Bugs By Pest Control Heat Treatment

Bed bug treatment at home can be done using steam solutions. Although steam is not considered a complete treatment, it can be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process. IPM is a combination of several steps to eliminate and treat pests. You can also visit to presidio pest management to get more detail about pest control heat treatment.

pest control heat treatment

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Professionals use steam in addition to other chemical and technological methods. Sometimes steam is used before applying chemical substances like pesticides. To avoid steaming or vaporizing pesticides, it is best to contact the pest company prior to steaming.

These are the best places to kill bed bugs using steamers:

When you find bed bugs, it is usually easy to eradicate them. These pests are adept at hiding themselves and will often appear in the early morning hours between 2 and 5 AM to get their food. They are vulnerable to heat, and can be easily destroyed by temperatures higher than 120 degrees. 

According to pest control experts, adults that are exposed to heat at 120 degrees can die within minutes. However, ova may take up to an hour to die at the same temperature. 

Door jams, windowsills and moldings near ceilings, walls, baseboards, and floors are some of the best places for steam. To ensure that heat is reaching the surface, move the cleaner slowly.