How Fire Risk Assessors Can Help Douse the Flames of Panic

Fire risk assessors have been very busy since October 1, 2006, when laws governing fire safety in workplaces and public buildings were changed. Previously, there were nearly 100 separate statutes and statutory requirements, although most of them dealt with fire management, not prevention.

The old fire safety certificates have been removed and fire risk assessors are now deployed to ensure that the new Fire Safety Reform Ordinance (RRFSO) is effectively implemented and helps reduce many of the previously proven risk factors in many public buildings such as schools, workplaces, hospitals, and hotels.

The regulatory reform ordinance (fire protection) provides for the appointment of a person responsible for each room. This person is solely responsible for ensuring that all aspects of fire safety are covered, from signs and notices to fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and escape routes. If you are looking for a fire protection company, you can know more about us

Fire risk assessors can inspect properties and provide detailed advice on all aspects of fire safety, from fire cabinets and compartments to the frequency and location of notifications, to the appropriate number, type, and size of fire extinguishers to assess a particular fire hazard or work practices in the various site area.

Fire risk assessors can often help by providing advice on fire detection systems, including assessing their effectiveness and adequacy. The fire should not be taken lightly and while the risk of fire may be minimal, it is important not to make assumptions.